ishay-davidiFounder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Davidi is the Founder and has served as Chief Executive Officer of FIMI Opportunity Funds since 1996. Prior to establishing FIMI, Mr. Davidi was the CEO of the Tikvah Fund, a private Israeli investment fund founded by the late Sanford Bernstein. Mr. Davidi also held senior management positions in a variety of leading Israeli industrial and high-tech companies.

Mr. Davidi is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hadera Paper (TASE), Polyram Plastic Industries (TASE) Deleksan, and SOS Energy Express. Mr. Davidi is a Director of Gilat Satellite Networks (NASDAQ, TASE), Kamada (NASDAQ, TASE), Beit Shemesh Engines (TASE), C.Mer Industries (TASE), Rekah Pharmaceutical Industries (TASE), G1 (TASE), Tadir-gan (TASE), PCB Technologies (TASE), Amiad Water Systems (AIM) and Rimoni Industries (TASE).

Mr. Davidi holds an M.B.A. from Bar Ilan University and a B.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering from Tel Aviv University which he graduated with honors.